Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Extermination of The Smell

On January 23rd, the Stink of Springwater plagued our school, causing the fire department to be called, and the school to be evacuated. So what's the smell this time? For weeks, a horrible stench has permeated the hall just before the classrooms, and finally something has been done.

Leadership students Cecilia Dalby (pictured right) and Foster Hayes were tasked with the horrible, daunting task of cleaning out the fridge. ¨We opened up a styrofoam box, and these curly fries were absolutely covered in mold. You couldn't even see the fries themselves,¨ says Foster, wiping the freezer down with a vinegar soaked rag. The fries in mention had been left for so long that they had grown their own ecosystem.

What's the lesson here? Please don't forget your food in the fridge.

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